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      Saireri Paradise Foundation (SPF) is a non-governmental organization that is engaged in the social in the social and environmental focuses on sustainable community activities in order to continue to live together with nature, without destroying the existing biodiversity, conservation of Birds Paradise, Leather back, Coral reefs and forest, an activity that has been running with the community as a partner, other than that the SPF is also trying to improve and build infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the local community, and the involvement of various parties will continue to support our need to continue develop community who love nature



    Initiated by Yorrys Raweyai, the foundation was establish in 2011 with Robert Bonosusatya and Maxwell Armand. Yorrys Raweyai is a Yapen native and he rememberedfondly how beautiful the area back in the '60's when he was shipwrecked and went ashore in coastal of Sawendui.In 2009, just before his Mamberamo Expedition, once again he made a brief visit to the isolated village and decided that it was not too late to protect the area and in the same time preserving lives of the people.His reason was simple: Conservation for future generation. 

        His first step was to hire young scientist to do a two-week rapid assessment in Raimbawi District of its avian species early August 2011, Hery Jamaksari, SuratmanBaharudin and Akmal Firdaus Patopang.The result, the Varieties of avian species specifically in Sawendui was astounding, and many were considered endangered. Duringthis assessment, it was found out that Iggrisau and Mambasiui were also Locations for turtle nests. November-December 2011. a team was dispatched to map out the foundation's  working area and Sawendui was chosen due to its high level biodiversity and isolated location. May-October 2012.second rapid assessment on Avian Specieswas concluded to map out the nesting locations especially Lesser Bird of Paradise.

       Two biggest tribes in Raimbawi District, Wabo and Nunsiari, were prioritize to be recruited as patrol members of avian species and marine turtle. This seems to be quite effective. since then bird and turtle hunting have completely stopped, even set an example to all villagers. Nadia Nasoetion (Nadia),Alverina Angkasa Erari (Angkie) and Agung Ngurah (Agung) also joined the team, as chairman and managing director of SPF. Their role includes dealing with various goverment authorities, partners and sponsors of SPF in addition to getting involve in setting out the plan and strategy for SPF's activities.Their love for nature especially towards the two endangered animals (Bird of Paradise and Marine Turtle) was the beginning of their involvement with SPF.






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